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Nutella Swiss Roll

Every year, the Nutella Swiss Roll is a hot favourite amongst my guests. No matter how many of these, it will never be enough.  Of course anything Nutella will be a hot favourite right? So I'm sharing this recipe for you to recreate this festive season.   Nutella Swiss Roll Ingredients: (Part 1) 3 whole eggs 2 additional egg yolks 90 grams castor sugar 1 tsp sponge stabilizer 15 ml cold water 50g gram Hong Kong flour 30g corn flour Vanilla essence Half tsp baking powder (Part 2) 50 ml vegetable oil or melted butter (Part 3) 1 tsp chocolate emulco Others: Nutella spread Directions: 1.Mix all of (Part 1) ingredients on high speed with a stand mixer till white...

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Shopify BAB Top 10 Finalists 2016

  First and foremost, welcome to Pink Sucree Eats! In here I will be sharing recipes, rants and random stuffs. To kickoff, I'd like to share my experience being the Top 10 Finalist for Shopify's Build a Business Competition 2016! I am truly, truly blessed also quite shocked when we received the email notification! I'd like to thank Shopify for giving us this opportunity! I have learned so much from this workshop held for the selected finalists. Shopify Rocks! Xx, Julz

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